Inspirational dyslexic author's latest novel set to hit shelvesÂ

A DYSLEXIC author has revealed she is proud to be an inspiration for people who suffer with the condition.

Thursday, 27th December 2018, 2:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:01 am
Amber Lee Dodd launching her debut novel We are Giants in 2016 Picture: Sarah Standing (160532-8719)

Amber Lee Dodd is bringing out her second book '“ Lightning Chase Me Home '“ on January 3, as the Portsmouth writer continues to show people they can be successful despite having the condition.

Amber, who broke through with her debut novel in 2016 We Are Giants, told The News she is buzzing with excitement ahead of the launch of her much anticipated new book.

The book is described as a story of bravery and hope with an undercurrent of magic which was inspired by Amber's love of stories of inspirational female explorers, unlikely heroines and Scottish myths.  

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It also deftly tackles difficult subjects including learning disabilities and the unusual concept of absent mothers after the author found there were so few heroines for children who had dyslexia or dyspraxia '“ a theme which features heavily in the book through her protagonist Amelia's learning difficulties.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Amber, 30, said: '˜It's nerve-wracking but I'm excited and hope people read the book and enjoy it. Hopefully it will encourage people to talk about having dyslexia and encourage others who have the condition.

'˜The book was inspired by my visits to Scotland where I fell in love with the place. The protagonist in the book is dyslexic.

'˜As I'm a dyslexic a lot of children I speak to tell me to write stories about the condition which is why I did it. It's important to tell the story of how I became an author despite having dyslexia.'

The author finished writing Lightning Chase me Home in the summer after 18 months of work. Amber, who gives talks around the country on her work and dyslexia, said the book has received good reviews and hopes the success of her first novel will give her follow-up a good platform for success.

'˜It was very hard (getting the first book published) '“ I had a lucky breakthrough by being in the right place at the right time with the right editor seeing my work.

'˜But I'm feeling pretty good (ahead of the book launch). It's been a lot of work '“ especially when on deadline with you having to work seven-day weeks '“ but I'm looking forward to it coming out now.'

Amber, who worked at Blackwell's Bookshop at the University of Portsmouth before it shut down, said working at the shop provided her with the inspiration to write her novels. '˜It was a great place to work and I got to read lot of books,' she said.

You can buy Lightning Chase Me Home at