JACK DEE at Kings Theatre, Southsea

Jack Dee
Jack Dee
16/05/15  EP  Punters enjoyed a weekend of entertainment and beer at the 2015 Portsmouth Beer Festival which was held inside Portsmouth Guildhall.  Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (150841-1) SUS-160404-171333003

Portsmouth beer festival is cancelled by organisers

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His face like a soggy Sunday in Southampton, world-weary Jack Dee brought gales of laughter to Southsea.

The laconic comic, famed for his hangdog expression and outlook, vented his spleen on everything from moody teenagers to touchy-feely supermarkets, royal bladder infections and conspiracy theorists.

Dee is a genuinely funny man as opposed to a mere stand-up comic.

A raised eyebrow here, a look of hurt disappointment there, his downbeat demeanour conceals a comedic armoury. Who else could describe our beloved Spinnaker Tower as ‘a giant syringe sticking out of Portsmouth’?

He’s been away from the stage for some years, but his set is fresh and relevant. His observation that we are too tolerant and should more often respond in conversation with ‘so what?’ opened the door to a persistent heckler – who proved no challenge to Jack’s rapier put-downs.

His determination to challenge an odd-job man who boasted ‘no job too small’ was the stuff of comic legend. Jack’s master of his comic trade.