Jim Davidson at the Kings Theatre

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Jim Davidson gives himself plenty to live up to by subtitling his tour ‘The Legend’. Surely that’s for the audience to decide?

If there is a legend, it’s surely that he is a racist mysgynist oaf, loathed by the PC left and shunned by the right-on intellectual elite.

Maybe the title is a double bluff. All I can say is, I laughed my socks off.

He had both men and women in stitches with his distinctive brand of coarse humour revelling in sex and his no nonsense take on life in modern multicultural Britain.

I don’t think he’s racist. Merely enjoying the freedom to make jokes about race.

Sexist? Maybe – but it’s all finely balanced, with as many jokes belittling men as those making fun of women.

I can see why he’s so beloved by our armed forces as he gleefully recounts tales of black humour among squaddies and sailors.

This was a strictly adults-only show and hardly any material bears repetition here – but that is one of the unique joys of live theatre.

Special mention for warm-up man Lloyd Hollett, a brash livewire whose act echoed young Davidson’s own persona on 1970s TV talent show New Faces.

Jim has enjoyed a long and successful career in comedy, and there is a very good reason for that. He’s a great comedian.