Jimmy Carr at Portsmouth Guildhall

Jimmy Carr
Jimmy Carr
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It was a fair bet Jimmy would talk about Jimmy.

Like all good comics Carr had a few sharp thoughts about headline-making revelations. So he extracted humour from the Savile scandal.

‘At least I’m no longer the worst Jimmy’ – yes his own tax avoidance controversy was also on the mirth menu.

Jimmy Carr has made a career out of being so edgy he teeters. And he’s stayed upright (mostly) in the ‘PC or not PC’ battle by being clever, naughty and challenging.

A good part of his material on this tour is fresh and funny enough to work.

But it’s a long show. Among Jimmy’s well crafted jokes and hilarious shockers there are too many tired playground insults and old obvious gags.

Some of his throwaway one-liners – well he should have done just that. Once jokes lose their sharpness and become commonplace rather than knowingly naughty, they’re in danger of being merely offensive.