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Taking its title from a line in the Wim Wenders film Wings Of Desire, S. Mark Gubb’s exhibition encourages us to explore the nature of our existence by probing our ambitions, beliefs and values, asking us to make choices as we navigate our way through the display.

Through a series of large-scale text pieces, How Should I Live? (Maybe That’s Not The Question) invites visitors to reflect upon aspects of their own morality and the impact that this can have upon the world and those around them.

Some of the words are the artist’s own; others are derived from song lyrics, film dialogue, and public service announcements.

The notions may be simplistic and somewhat naive, but the Romsey-born artist has one eye on life’s inevitabilities and complexities.

As well as the exhibition at Aspex in Gunwharf Quays, Gubb will also be creating an offsite work, the location and details of which are still to be confirmed. Plus he will choreograph the Spinnaker Tower lights for the citywide cultural celebration of The Lost Hour on Saturday, March 26.

n The free exhibition is open daily from 11am to 4pm until March 27. The artist will be giving a talk from 2pm next Saturday (February 26) which will be followed by a screening of Wings Of Desire, from 3pm.