Mark Little at The Cellars at Eastney

Victory Morrismen in Portsmouth Guildhall. They are keeping the ancient traditional alive.

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‘You know I’m not supposed to be here, but I’m making the most of it,’ came the Ozzie tones of the man on stage.

A last minute change had left the audience disappointed. Hal Cruttenden had cancelled his appearance at The Cellars and Mark Little had stepped in at the last minute and filled the main slot.

Stoney faces and awkward silences had made the three warm-up acts sweat.

And then came Mark Little, probably best known for his alter ego, Joe Mangel in Neighbours.

Mark’s stand-up routine was absolute genius. Comedy flowed from his every pore as he commanded laughs from a hard crowd.

Originally from Australia, Mark has made Brighton his UK home and his jokes about the sand on Brighton’s beach being out of Alice in Wonderland and like ‘fat sand’ had the room giggling.

A heckle of ‘have a couple of aspirins’ was one of the weirdest heckles he had ever heard and that was a reflection of the mixed crowd that had gathered at The Cellars.

Further dissection of this crowd led Mark to the conclusion that Eastney ‘is the place to be old’ as all the old folk of Eastney were in the pub with the youngsters.

Funny stuff.