Miles learns that fibbing is just not cricket

Miles Jupp
Miles Jupp
The Handsome Family. Picture by Brandon Soder

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You might have seen him as a comic guest on panel shows including Have I Got News For You, Mock the Week or Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

You might have seen him as an actor in kids TV’s Balamory or BBC Two’s hit sitcom Rev or satire The Thick Of It.

You might have seen him in the movies Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, Sherlock Homes and Made in Dagenham.

You might even have seen him in stand-up live or on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow.

But did you see Miles Jupp blag his way on to an England cricket tour of India?

His new show, Fibber In The Heat, tells the true tale of how, a few years ago, Perrier Award- nominated comedian and actor Miles decided he was going to pack it all in to follow his dream to become a cricket journalist.

The show was a sell-out success at this year’s Edinburgh festival.

Ahead of the national tour, we found out what makes him tick.

n When did you first realise you were funny?

Well, obviously, it’s something you never know for sure. In fact, sometimes you just aren’t. But I do remember a specific incident at school when people were talking about someone being funny, and my friend Leo Townsend said ‘I think Miles is funny’. We were both 10 and he’s still my friend.

n What would you be if you weren’t a comedian?

When I was at school, I really wanted to be a barrister, mainly, I think, as a result of reading the Rumpole books. I first read one when I was 11. I read one a few weeks ago, and Rumpole is, quite clearly, a ridiculous person for an 11-year-old to want to base themselves on.

n Which three things make you laugh?

I have a son called Nye who makes me laugh a lot. Just yesterday he tried to lean against a cat flap and very nearly fell through it. I feel I should point out that he laughed as well; I wasn’t being cruel.

Frasier makes me laugh.

I think watching other people being that petulant is a great joy.

And there’s a particular argument my parents had in the early 1980s that makes me howl with laughter whenever I think about it.

I’m laughing now.

n What’s your favourite one-liner?

Apparently it’s very rude to do sign language with your hands full.

n Who’s your hero?

My comedy heroes are people like Fry and Laurie or the Beyond The Fringe lot. My cricketing hero is Michael Atherton. He wasn’t a very talented or aesthetic batsman, he was just very, very tough.

n Miles Jupp performs his Fibber In The Heat show to a sold-out Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham next Friday. Tickets are still available to see him at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton on Sunday, February 13. (£15, 023 8067 1771).