Milton Jones at the Wedgewood Rooms

PERFORMING Milton Jones.     Picture: Karla Gowlett
PERFORMING Milton Jones. Picture: Karla Gowlett
Victory Morrismen in Portsmouth Guildhall. They are keeping the ancient traditional alive.

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It was sure to be a night of uncontrollable laughter as the undisputed king of surreal one-liners, Milton Jones, came to town, and I was lucky enough to be there.

After a glowing introduction, Milton Jones’ Grandfather (who looked rather familiar) slowly took to the stage and soon had the crowd howling with laughter as he read from his little book of time, which told of how Frosties were actually invented by Alexander the Greeeaat.

The very funny James Acaster was next up, but didn’t get through much material as he spent most of his set going back and fourth with the crowd.

The Wedgewood Rooms erupted as Milton himself took centre stage and wowed the crowd with his unique surreal style.

Jones spoke about his youth, his love for fairground food such as candy floss, toffee apples and those boil in a bag goldfish and the origins of the Chinese language. Then he treated us to a slide show of his recent travels, pulling out an overhead projector and adding some hand-drawn visual aids to his performance.

Jones was brilliant, outstandingly funny and, as he left the stage to rapturous applause, it was clear that the crowd enjoyed what they had seen.