Nervous about that very first date?

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Spring is upon us and romance is flourishing, so here are a few tips for that first date.

You need to look fantastic, but not overstated, so make sure you get the outfit just right to match the time and venue. What you wear in the early days of a relationship is a declaration of who you are, so be yourself.

Wear your favourite clothes and don’t buy anything new as it’s too soon (save that for the next meeting). No matter how jolly you are, try to avoid wearing too many bright colours. But you don’t want to be too sombre either, and in just black you will probably look too serious.

Avoid wearing a hat, even if your hat is part of your identity, as it will distract from your face and can look like you’re trying to hide something.

If you take your mobile phone, turn it off because they will want your attention, not that of your best friend or your mum.

Even if you’re very sporty, don’t wear trainers because it will look like you haven’t made an effort, even if your date is also a fitness freak.

Go easy on the perfume as a hint of your signature fragrance is enough – you don’t want to be remembered for giving your date a headache. Also, without sounding like anyone’s mum, go easy on the cleavage and leave something to the imagination. Curiosity is far more exciting.

Your outfit does largely depend on your age and what you’re interested in.

Over-50s should wear an unstructured casual suit in a neutral colour, or if you don’t like a suit try smart jeans with a tailored jacket. Wear shoes with a gentle heel and have a nice necklace or scarf. Wear a bag to match your shoes.

Over-40s should wear tunic-style tops over trousers or smart jeans. Wear a good jacket and make sure your shoes and bag are similar. Dresses or skirts are great, just make sure to stay modern and fashionable.

Over-30s should wear what they normally wear but spend just a little longer getting ready, while those over-20 should resist the temptation to be too tempting – you will just scare them off.

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