Our guide to the soaps this week

Here's our guide to this week's soap storylines

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 26th March 2017, 5:49 am

It Was Acceptable in the 60s

EastEnders (BBC1)

Another week, another theme night in the Vic - this time, it’s a Sixties evening in honour of Sylvie, who is struggling to understand that social services are coming to asses her.

Bex is recruited to perform, but we probably shouldn’t expect her to launch into a rendition of Michelle by The Beatles in honour of her auntie, as relations between the Fowler family are about to get very fraught.

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    Michelle is already jealous of Bex and Preston’s relationship and warns a confused Martin that the American might not be right for his daughter. Despite her meddling, Preston later announces that he and Bex are officially a couple - but it’s when the Sixties night gets under way that Michelle’s secret finally explodes. Just how will the truth come out, and what will the reaction be?

    Elsewhere, the sexual tension is building between Kush and Denise, so when she claims that she just wants to be friends, he decides to make his own feelings clear.

    Whitney takes a break from supporting Mick to comfort Tina, and an unexpected incident turns the lives of one Walford family upside down.

    Back on the Bottle?

    Coronation Street (ITV)

    Peter Barlow has fallen off the wagon more times than we care to remember. Now it looks like he’s about to do it again when Chloe helps drive a heartbroken Toyah back into the arms of Toby.

    However, there is a glimmer of hope when Toyah decides to give her on/off fella another chance.

    Elsewhere, Daniel is shattered after the news of Sinead’s miscarriage, and Ken feels guilty for the way he handled things. With toxic Tracy only adding to his misery (for a change), Barlow Snr is not having the best of weeks. To make matters worse, runaway Amy is on her own secret mission while bitter clothes horse Adam is skulking in the shadows.

    Elsewhere, Kevin might not be able to cover the mortgage, so Rosie considers a glamour modelling job to help out.

    Sally is dealt a blow when she thinks her cancer has returned, and while Johnny considers a summer wedding, evil Pat blows his top with Todd. A request to Weatherfield PD: please just lock Phelan up and throw away the key. Thanks.

    In Sickness and in Health

    Emmerdale (ITV)

    Following last week’s unplanned excursion, Ashley is settled back at the care home - and prepare to have your heartstrings plucked when he dances with Laurel.

    But despite that tender moment, all is not well in the Thomas-Potts clan, as Laurel is still smarting from Doug’s insensitive remark the week before. So, when Arthur falls ill, she gives her dad a wide berth.

    Then Ashley has a violent, blood-spattered coughing fit, which makes you wonder how the long-suffering mum will cope.

    Meanwhile, Debbie wants Chas and Faith to build bridges, but any hopes that they can just hug it out are dashed when Faith recoils from her daughter’s embrace.

    With Sandra in need of care after an accident on holiday, Chas agrees to accompany Liv overseas to visit her mother.

    Elsewhere, Harriet gives Cain a terrible reception when she finds him with a bag of stolen phones, and Jai has to cope with a wallet-snatcher called Nell who he meets at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

    Love on the Rocks

    Neighbours (Channel 5)

    They may be the most beloved couple in Ramsay Street (next to Karl and Susan), but Toadie and Sonya rarely get the chance to be truly happy.

    In the latest trip to Erinsborough, the legal eagle tries to make amends with his better half, but realises it could be too late. Eventually the Rebecchis consider their future - if they have one.

    Elsewhere, Jack tries to persuade Paige to stay, and when he shows the locals how much the place means to him, she and Lauren offer their support. Let’s hope it helps him gain some respect in the community.

    Meanwhile, Sheila is threatened by Terese’s growing influence on her family, so she resorts to desperate measures without considering the consequences.

    And while Leo and David look forward to the prospect of confronting their mother about the identity of their dad, Amy’s feelings for Leo set the scene for even more family problems. Have you not heard of ‘a little understanding’ guys? You know, that bit of the theme tune everyone seems to ignore?

    Too Much, Too Soon

    Home and Away (Channel 5)

    If you’re on the mend and planning a romantic dinner, don’t rush things or you could jeopardise your recuperation. That’s a lesson Justin could do with learning as he romances Phoebe this week.

    The poor bloke’s only gone and got a post-operative infection, but while recovering in hospital, Phoebe finds a jewellery box at his home and fears she is about to receive an unwanted marriage proposal. Or is she?

    Meanwhile, Kat questions Hunter about the arson case, and a new piece of evidence may help her crack it.

    Elsewhere, Marilyn is well enough to be released from hospital, but there’s a chance John may have bitten off more than he can chew when he offers to be her carer.

    Evelyn invites Matt and Ellie to join her on holiday; Zac’s world is turned upside down by the return of his former editor Sam Webster, and as no celebration in soapland ever goes off without a dramatic twist, Luc’s baby blessing goes pear-shaped when Billie collapses.

    Bride and Doom

    Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

    It’s already one of the most crime-riddled, disaster-stricken areas of soapland, but few things generate more problems in Hollyoaks than a wedding.

    This time it’s the turn of Amy and Ryan, and with thoughts of moving to America high on the agenda, it’s anyone’s guess whether things will go to plan.

    When Scott and a hung-over Mercedes go shopping, onlooker James guesses that she was involved in Scott’s fraud and orders them to pay him back or he’ll go to the authorities. Their solution? Pinch goods from his own flat so they can sell them and pay him back with his own profits. The duo strike gold when they find James’ embarrassing audition DVDs from his Law School Drama Society, but how well have they covered their tracks?

    Elsewhere, Diane and Tony are disturbed by a noise, and when Leah and Lucas run away from the Lomaxes, Leela and Zack team up to find them.