Pop star Louis Tomlinson's dad seeks own father in Portsmouth

The dad of pop star Louis Tomlinson has launched a bid to track down his dad - who lived in Portsmouth - after being diagnosed with cancer.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 10:02 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:39 am
Troy Austin has not seen Louis in five years. Picture: Supplied

Troy Austin, who has not spoken to the One Direction star for five years, wants to make amends with his own dad who he has not seen for thirty years after recently undergoing an op to remove a cancerous tumour on his liver.

Troy, 49, has said he wants to track down his dad Harry Austin - an ex-Royal Marine who could be living in the south of England.

He said: ‘My life is changing now. I’m starting another chapter and I’d love for that to involve my dad.

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‘As for Louis, if he ever wanted to make contact then I would be happy for that to happen.’

Troy, who lives in Doncaster, last saw and spoke to his dad in 1988 when he was a teenager.

Troy, whose mother Tina died from bone marrow cancer at the age of 67, married his dad in 1968 but due to Harry’s military career, separated shortly afterwards and he remarried in 1972 in Portsmouth - to a woman whose surname he only knows as Privett.

Following his army career, Harry worked as a station manager at St Mary’s Fire Station in Southampton.