Portchester BMX star is taking a trip in the Take Me Out love lift

HE'S a professional BMX rider who has finished fourth in the world championships '“ but this weekend it's Declan Brooks' sex appeal that is being put to the test.

Thursday, 25th May 2017, 10:02 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:18 pm
Declan Brooks on the show Picture: ITV/Thames/Fremantle

Declan, 20, will be appearing on the ITV show Take Me Out on Saturday night as he looks to secure a date on the isle of Fernando’s (which is actually Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.

He lives in Portchester and has been competing in BMX competitions professionally since 2012.

Declan said that the application process was not like anything he had previously experienced – in that they approached him first.

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He said: ‘The guys from ITV reach out to people that they want to have on the show.

‘They found me, presumably via social media – I guess they were looking for someone who does an extreme sport and asked me to come on the show.

‘I then went for an interview and a couple of days later I found myself on the programme.’

As the last man to come down host Paddy McGuinness’ love lift on Saturday’s show, Declan said he was nervous.

He explained: ‘You can hear the rest of the show happening in the other room, which is pretty eerie.

‘Then, before you go on, you’re stood in the love lift for about 10 minutes – it was a bit scary, if I’m honest!’

Declan cannot reveal if his appearance on Take Me Out was successful or not, saying: ‘You’ll just have to watch the programme and find out.

‘I had an absolute blast nonetheless.’

The future for Declan, whether there’s a woman by his side or not, is looking very promising, with roles on the silver screen and major BMX competitions on the horizon.

He said: ‘I’ve just finished doing some filming for a Bollywood movie and am doing a bit of work for a Disney movie that is coming out next year – I can’t say any more than that though.’

As far as BMX competitions are concerned, Declan is now out in France for the upcoming World Series event.

He added: ‘I’m not actually going to be around to see myself on telly this weekend, which is a shame.

‘I’m sure someone will be kind enough to record it for me though!’