Portsmouth artist My Dog Sighs calls out student housing firm for '˜theft' of his work

A HUGELY-POPULAR Portsmouth artist has called out a student housing firm for using images of his work without permission.Â

Wednesday, 8th August 2018, 3:26 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:25 pm
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My Dog Sighs has told Prestige Student Living they have two days to explain why a picture of his renowned eye artwork has been used in a campaign promoting a new block of halls. 

The creative turned down work with the national firm in 2017 '“ but he was alerted to an advertising board carrying his design at Renslade House in Exeter yesterday. 

As a response to the alleged infringement, Mr Stone has taken to social media to share his frustration with friends and fans '“ including on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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Renslade House, in Exeter, where the board carrying Mr Stone's picture was spotted. Picture: My Dog Sighs

'˜Despite contacting me through Project: ff&e Ltd last year and asking for permission to use my images and me refusing the request (on the [basis] you weren't willing to pay the going rate), it seems you have gone ahead anyway, breaking UK copyright laws, to illegally take not only my artwork but also my photo without permission,' he said in a statement. 

'˜I suggest you contact me immediately to explain your actions and recompense before legal and high profile media action is taken.

'˜Friends and fans. I am giving prestige student living 48 hours to respond to my question as to their theft of my artwork.

'˜After that if you'd like to help support me by contacting Prestige Student Living I'll happily give you their email, Facebook, Instagram and phone details.' 

The message, published just before 8.30pm on Tuesday, provoked an outpouring of support. 

Facebook user Rose Hunt described the alleged infringement as '˜cheeky and rude'. 

She said: '˜Saw this yesterday when passing through Exeter! I did wonder if they had permission! Seems to be happening more and more.' 

She continued: '˜Give artists the payment and recognition they deserve!' 

Facebook user Annette Duffy added: '˜Unbelievable some people have no conscience! Hope you manage to get it sorted x.' 

Prestige Student Living responded to the controversy in a public statement at 10.46am today, claiming to have contacted Mr Stone in a bid to seek a '˜satisfactory conclusion'. 

The message also said: '˜Prestige Student Living has been made aware that there is a copyright claim regarding an image included on hoarding at one of our properties.

'˜We are conducting an urgent and thorough investigation into the source of the issue so that we may bring a satisfactory resolution.

'˜Prestige Student Living does not condone the misuse of Intellectual Property.'