Portsmouth city centre festival Charmed Life is back, bigger and better

Following a landmark 2017, it's largely been a quiet 2018 for Pompey indie band Four Folds Law. But the quartet are back, and are headlining the Express FM stage at Saturday's Charmed Life Festival.

Friday, 21st September 2018, 12:55 pm
Updated Saturday, 22nd September 2018, 6:19 am
Four Folds Law

The family-friendly festival, which returns after a successful debut last year, also features sets from local favourites like Devin Jade, Bemis and Jamin, as well as some top tribute acts for the likes of David Bowie, Chic and Kasabian.

After a few months involving a wedding and honeymoon for Four Folds' guitarist Alex Denham and becoming a dad for bassist Sam Rogers, the band are using this as a chance to remind folks they're still out there.

Frontman Rossco Patrick explains: '˜We had a really good run the year before. We'd built up a good relationship with the guys at Victorious '“ we'd had a stage upgrade every year for three years, we had our single out, we sold out The Wedge last November, so we were doing really well.

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'˜We were so happy with how the Wedge went, they opened up the Edge too and we sold it all out. It was a very proud moment for us.

'˜Then we did Icebreaker Festival in January, but since then we've lost momentum because of adult stuff

'˜We worked our socks off, and thought we'd take a break in the new year, but then there's been this other stuff going on with the band.

'˜We were offered a Victorious slot this year, but because of Sam we passed on it - and they had the baby on the Friday morning, so I'm quite glad we did pass on it as we would have had to pull out any way!

But they've begun working on new material again at Mayfield Studios in Drayton.

'˜We thought about getting a single or EP done for this, but it hasn't quite come together in time '“ we're still toying around with it. But we will be releasing a new record at some point in the future.

'˜It's the third time we've recorded up there '“ [owner] Dom's a lovely geezer and we know Greg well, he's a great engineer.'

With all four band members '“ the line-up is completed by drummer Dan Pinnock '“ well experienced on the local scene, Four Folds Law has seen them find their ideal musical partners.

'˜We've just had a few stumbling blocks with other bands. Losing members, gaining members, losing members again, but this has been the tightest four we've had and the longest we've been together as one unit. We're pretty much where we want to be with the personnel we've got.

'˜Charmed life is a great chance to show we're still here and don't forget about us.

'Once we've done this, we're going to knuckle down and we're looking at, not necessarily a different direction, but spending more time with the creative and writing process and maybe delivering something that's not quite what's expected.'

Up to now, Rossco has been the primary songwriter, but that looks set to change.

'˜On the basis of some of the chats we've had in the last month or two, Alex wants to help, and he's throwing his hat into the ring. I don't see the songwriting as a responsibility, as I love doing it '“ I wouldn't be doing it otherwise, but it's nice to have someone else bringing other ideas to it. 

'˜When we started working together, I knew straight away he was the one '“ he's the best guitarist I've ever had in my band, and he plays the songs I want to play very, very well.

'˜It's quite cool to have that partnership '“ he knows how to rein me in and I know how to get the best out of him.'

But before then, they're looking forward to joining their friends at Charmed Life.

'˜Neverman are playing, Calaveras, there's some real good bands on the line-up.

'˜We played quite early in the afternoon last year, so we're really thrilled to be asked back.

'˜To be asked on the merits of not having done much all year, to be offered the headline slot is a real privilege, I'd like to thank Nick and Gareth for taking that leap.'


Victoria Park, Landport

Saturday, September 22