Why you should make time for an unforgettable visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard this summer

It’s official. Making time to visit a museum or gallery is good for you! This year, the ArtFund reported that 64% of those surveyed visited a museum or gallery to de-stress, so visiting Portsmouth Historic Dockyard this summer could be just the tonic you need!

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Saturday, 3rd August 2019, 10:55 pm
Go back in time to the Victorian age on board HMS Warrior
Go back in time to the Victorian age on board HMS Warrior

Discover the history of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy and enjoy a trip to Portsmouth unlike any other. With multiple attractions in one ticket, there’s something to suit everyone. Wow at the sights and sounds of naval history brought to life in our incredible museums and historic ships. Uncover the navy’s best kept secrets with first-hand accounts from the past and present and come back as many times as you like with an annual Full Navy Ticket. You could even pop in daily this summer! Buy your tickets now and save 20% online at historic dockyard.co.uk.


Make time to wow

Pirate Bertie Bogey in the soft play area at Horrible Histories Pirates: The Exhibition

Climb onboard the famous HMS Victory and discover secrets from the Battle of Trafalgar. Step back in time to 1863 with the crew from HMS Warrior and venture through never-before-seen areas!  Hold your breath and experience life below the seas in the Second World War era submarine, HMS Alliance at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum – all included in one ticket. 


Make time to Pirate

Whether it’s time to let your inner child out or your little ones run riot,there’s plenty of swashbuckling action for everyone in the brand new for 2019, Horrible Histories Pirates: The Exhibition. Find your sea legs and transform into a putrid pirate with our special selfie camera or challenge Blackbeard himself, and splat the ship’s rats! Argh, you’ll be more pirate in no time! Make sure to watch out for the cannons or you’ll be shark food! 


Make time to breathe 

See the Royal Navy present in all her splendour onboard a one-of-a-kind harbour tour where you’ll see current serving ships. Don’t forget to capture that view and test your photography skills! Afterwards relax in the Victorian surroundings onboard HMS Warrior in the café with a well-timed coffee before embarking through the Trafalgar Experience to see the incredible panorama of the battle by prolific English painter, William Lionel Wyllie. 


Make time to seek out history and discover untold tales

Visit the lucky ship, HMS M.33 and hear how she survived the Gallipoli campaign - keep an eye out for stories about Miss Muggins, the ship’s cat! Make sure you take the waterbus and seek out the mines at Explosion Museum of Royal Naval Firepower, all of which is included in the Full Navy Ticket. Take time to understand the enormity of the Normandy landings with our D-Day 75 commemoration trails available to download at historicdockyard.co.uk/d-day-75. Finish the day at the Second World War amphibious craft, DUWK and learn from characters of the era, how her nifty design revolutionised the landings.


Make time to dream with us

What will your story be? Become a hero in Action Stations and see if you have what it takes to pass out as a Royal Marine Commando. Can you conquer the climbing wall? Discover what you’re made of with our Dockyard Alive actors and see how you can aid the home front. Complete your trip in the Hear My Stories gallery in the National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth and see how you match up to real heroes of the past and present. Are you the Royal Navy’s future?