Professor Green

Wymering Manor

GOING OUT: Six great things to do in the next 48 hours, April 17 and 18, 2018

The Pyramids Centre is awash with an intense youthful energy, as the packed-out crowd buzz to an array of flashing neon strobes and multicoloured lasers.

Black strikes for just a few seconds as chants of 'We Want Green!' hurtle towards stage and the cheeky Hackney wordsmith appears.

Almost illuminated by a blitz of simultaneous camera phone flashes, Professor Green doesn't seem overwhelmed as he bursts into the rock-tinged, Oh My God, loosening the crowd even more.

Joined by a live band and two vocalists transformed Green's usual chart topping, pop streaked hiphop style, into a much more full bodied and mature sound.

Lilly Allen's chorus on Just Be Good To Green was impressively replaced by the soul drenched, sultry tones of his guest vocalist, who he seemed to share quite a convincing natural stage chemistry with.

His encore of new single, Jungle, worked the crowd into a sweaty mass of dubstep wobbling and sent everybody out the door gasping for some much needed air.