Reginald D.Hunter at Portsmouth Guildhall

Meon Valley Orchestra

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Listen to Reg for 90 minutes and the world seems to make a lot more sense.

The laid-back comic with the deep south drawl, familiar to viewers of Have I Got News For You and Live At The Apollo, has a witty, intelligent philosophy about everything from racism to relationships that invites you to look at things from a different angle.

His humour is often drier than a dustbowl but he will suddenly surprise or even shock you with a nugget of wisdom so precious that it can truly be described as comedy gold.

Freed from the shackles of taste and broadcasting compliance he can shatter taboos, question orthodoxies and attack the establishment just the way comedy should.

This was no jokeathon, just a fantastic evening in great company with a man and his gift to entertain.

We learned of Reg’s attempts to win a Nobel Prize for science, his attempts explain British racism and the class system to the folks back home, his secrets of success with the opposite sex, and even the five reasons he finds to be blissfully happy each day.

Warm-up man Steve Hughes set the tone brilliantly well, with his anarchically Australian outlook on life, the universe and The X Factor.

We emerged laughing and the world seemed a brighter place.