Review: Havant Comedy Club at The Spring Arts Centre, Havant

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It may be a small venue, but The Spring Arts Centre was full of big laughs at the latest Havant Comedy Club.

Ignacio Lopez opened the show with a set which mainly focussed on his life as a Spaniard living in Wales. He played on stereotypes superbly before impressing with his musical talents, singing and playing guitar to popular hits he had rewritten.

Rachel Lloyd explored the topic of being 24. Despite clearly being the most inexperienced of the night, her confident, conversational delivery certainly showed promise.

Talking about online dating, Star Wars sex toys and everything in between, Adrienne Coles provided a jam-packed stint of laughter. The Bournemouth comic was particularly good at engaging with the audience.

Headliner Zoe Lyons concluded the show with utmost hilarity. From the art of drinking to uncomfortable sharing platter situations, married life to parallel parking, the crowd were laughing all the way with Lyons. I’ll never look at a box of wine the same way again!

Compered efficiently by Jeff Lane, this was a fantastic night of comedy.