Review: House of Burlesque, The Kings Theatre in Southsea

Jack Edwards, who starred in the Kings Theatre panto as Sarah Spoilit, will host this year's Guide Awards

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Burlesque is not just bump and grind, it’s tongue-in-cheek parody and comedic timing sprinkled with titillating tassels and tease.

The evening opened with a traditional glittering striptease from Cherry Shakewell to James Bond’s Goldfinger.

Cherry Liqueur’s comedic Maggie Thatcher and Coronation Street’s Hilda Ogden feather-dustered our chuckle zones.

Lena Mae resplendent in a white Aztec headdress held us spellbound with her exotic routine.

Flying the flag for the gents was comedian Andrew O’Neill. His explanation of how knock-knock jokes were invented had the audience cheering.

More flags, this time chequered and waved by the international hot-rod greaser girl Scarlett Daggers with her racy striptease.

Popular with the audience, comedic Vie O’Lette gave us some tassel training. And later in the show transformed from down-and-out bag lady to disco diva.

Other acts included hip-hop surrealist Professor Elemental and the very entertaining Terms of Unnervement.

As usual the MC ,the talented Mister Joe Black, pleased his loyal fans.

Usually I thoroughly enjoy the glitz and glamour of House of Burlesque. But this time, sadly, it lacked lustre for me.