Review: Jason Manford at Southampton Guildhall

Jason Manford
Jason Manford
16/05/15  EP  Punters enjoyed a weekend of entertainment and beer at the 2015 Portsmouth Beer Festival which was held inside Portsmouth Guildhall.  Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (150841-1) SUS-160404-171333003

Portsmouth beer festival is cancelled by organisers

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‘Why pay someone £70 quid to come on to be a slightly worse version of me? I can do that myself.’

Luckily for Jason Manford, the decision to scrap a support act was a popular one with the crowd at the Southampton Guildhall.

Immediately, the 32-year old comic noted six empty seats in the front row.

After a somewhat disjointed twenty minutes, which included topics of annoying call centres and mockery of local towns, Manford selected members of the audience to fill the gap then was soon in his stride.

The second half concentrated more on the title of the show, First World Problems.

Prior to the interval, he had asked the audience to write down the trivial things that irritated them and re-started by reading them out.

The comedic answers coupled with Manford’s Mancunian accent and no-nonsense attitude made for a hilarious part two “When you’re hand’s too fat to fit in the Pringles tube? I feel your pain man!”

Whilst the encore was fairly disappointing, the way in which he mocked the tradition was very amusing. On the whole, the evening was a success.

Jason Manford will be performing at the Portsmouth Guildhall on 4 October.