Review: Mic, Bike and Hike, Waterfront Cafe, Gunwharf Quays.

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The Full Monty by Portsmouth Players

REVIEW: The Full Monty at The Kings Theatre, Southsea

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After four days of walking 100 miles in sweltering heat and performing three other gigs en route, a motley crew of comics made it from London to the Spinnaker Tower for the finale of this mammoth fundraising effort.

Eleven comedians took to the stage in front of a full house at the end of this feat, organised by local comic and compere James Alderson.

With several participants literally limping to the stage for their turn at the mic, it proved one thing – comedians are not the fittest of folk.

Fortunately they were all still very funny.

The jokes came thick and fast as Cerys Nelmes showed us the worst every 16th birthday present for her son, and why she was proud to be a BILF (probably not what you’re thinking, but still too rude for a family newspaper), Larry Dean showed us why gay guys are like dinosaurs, and Chris Purchase demonstrated how squid reproductive techniques would transfer badly to humans.

Canadian comic Katherine Ryan guest-starred, despite not taking part in the walk, and gave us an hysterical routine about how Prince William was a pin-up back home as she grew up, and an interesting method of getting around immigration laws.

It was a brilliant night, and best of all, all the money went to Macmillan Cancer Support.