Review: Paul Hollywood, Portsmouth Guildhall

Boris Giltburg. Picture by Sasha Gusov

Celebrate the Triumph and Passion with the BSO at Portsmouth Guildhall

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After reading lots of reviews about Paul Hollywood’s smutty mouth in his venues prior to the Guildhall, Portsmouth, I was expecting the show to follow the same pattern.

However, Paul saw the errors in his ways and the puns were kept to a minimum - although having said that the first thing he said when he came on to the stage was ‘I need a T-shirt that says knead my baps.’

The Great British Bake Off star interacted well with the audience answering questions and tweets throughout the show.

He continuously spoke about Mary Berry and even said that he thinks she will become a Dame soon.

Although his praise for her was high, I couldn’t help feel there was a slight pang on jealousy in some of his statements.

Moving on to the main attraction, the food.

Paul took us through some recipes of his own. Considering it was a cooking show, I thought there would be some cooking involved, not just mixing of ingredients.

The ovens on stage were props and all the finished products appeared from below his magic bench. The finished food did look amazing, although the majority of the audience wouldn’t know about the taste as the products were quickly whisked away before we could ever sniff it.