Review: Sarah Millican, Portsmouth Guildhall

Winner: Faith Thorpe

CHIPPER CLUB: Congratulations to Faith, the Kings junior reviewer for 2018

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Sarah Millican, one of Britain’s favourite female comedians, graced Portsmouth’s Guildhall on her Home Bird Tour.

I’ve watched her on television on numerous occasions and her smutty humour is right up my street.

The tour is no different, although it was like a bag of Minstrels – you enjoy them until you find a coffee-flavoured one, one that you don’t enjoy, and just put up with it.

Sarah portrayed her domestic side as she showed her glee at finally getting a house of her own, whilst being able to relax in her newly bought M&S-stay-at-home-wear.

Jokes about her cleaning and home life gave a personal touch as people could relate to the problems she joked about.

But one hot topic of the evening was her new husband.

Millican made the usual couple jokes that were met by the typical laughter. However, they had an adorable twang that showed Millican’s softer side.

Although don’t let this fool you, Millican’s potty mouth was still there in force and her ease at talking about ‘it’ created raucous laughs throughout the venue.

All in all, it was a hilarious show that portrayed a maturer side to Millican, even though some of the jokes were old and you knew the punchlines before they arrived.