Review: Sean Hughes at The Cellars, Eastney

Sean Hughes - big star in a small room
Sean Hughes - big star in a small room
TV Smith

Southsea Punkfest 2.0 The Dockyard Club, Old Portsmouth Saturday, April 28  

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The world, according to Sean Hughes, has two types of people: The under-29s and the over-29s.

And therein lies one of the problems of modern life - a cause of bemusement to the 47-year-old comic, and a rich seam of comic possibilities for him to explore in his own wide-eyed, waspish style.

A big star in a small room provides plenty of scope for an entertainer like Hughes to riff with the audience, to go with the flow and explore wildly unexpected tangents.

He ponders the ageing process and concludes that anyone over 29 has a head full of incorrect facts and misconceptions, thus giving them a better understanding of the world.

The other lot will just Google any fact under the sun, rendering them, by-and-large, far less interesting and able to cope with life...

If the internet was disabled for a day, he pictures millions wandering the streets in a zombie-like trance of bewilderment.

This has repercussions for all areas of life, he reckons - but age brings its own problems, like the “kettle in the garden” moment of passing confusion.

A brilliant set, a great night at the Cellars, and a bizarrely messianic finale with a loaf of bread, Snow Patrol, and hugs for the audience. You really had to be there...