Review: Terry Alderton, The Cellars at Eastney

Terry Alderton
Terry Alderton
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Billed as an Edinburgh Festival warm up gig, Terry Alderton put out the feelers for Series Four of his deliciously daft comic act and waited for a response.

Midway through, Terry – shapeless-shirted and bald-headed – lets his mind wander. He pings an idea around of an ape fight: ‘What if one had a gun and one a knife?’

Later on, while one of his routines falls a little flat, he latches on to his earlier train of thought and launches a question at a bewildered audience member: ‘But what if the one holding the gun, a spider monkey, had no bullets in his gun? And what if the other’s knife was blunt?’

The hyperactivity of Terry’s act knows no bounds. If one joke fails he launches into another. This is, however, until the last 10 minutes of tonight’s gig, when he looks a little deflated. Surely a perfect segue into his hilarious ‘I let myself down’ skit in which he physically deflates like a bouncy castle with a puncture. Clown face sagging into a raisin, body forming a liquidated state on the floor. He starts. Face crinkles. Gets a hoot from the audience (someone who has obviously seen this before). And stops!

His whole show seems improvised.

All I can say is look out Edinburgh He is unpredictable, erratic, but very often a comic genius.