Sarah Millican at Portsmouth Guildhall

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The canny lass from the north east brought her humour south, and it’s a funny thing, but I smiled more than I laughed.

Don’t get me wrong, she is very witty and amusing.

The show was a sell-out, and most of the audience seemed to find her hilarious with her down-to-earth take on everything from love and romance to relationships, and the odd bit of toilet humour

It’s just that to me, her brand of stand-up appears to be simply an act.

She’s lovable, self-effacing, quirky and bright. I’m just not convinced that deep down, she’s a funny woman.

This was not helped by the fact that I had already heard her use some of the material before, in some of her many TV appearances ,

She’s much more sweary than on TV, and loves her euphemisms, even inventing a few of her own. In a two-hour set, with no support, she made many interesting observations about men and women, and concluded that in life one has to decide whether one is a bumper-car (a risk-taker) or a dodgem (a cautious risk-avoider).

She makes no bones about her own personality, declaring that to her, excitement is a clean tea towel.

Somehow I was not surprised to find tea-towels on sale in the foyer, bearing that very line.

Sarah’s riding high on the stand-up comedy wave at the moment, with her own TV series, and good luck to her.

I just think she needs to take a risk and aim for bigger laughs.