Scott Matthews, Wedgewood Rooms, review: '˜A brilliant and utterly memorable show'

Scott Matthews, live at the Wedgewood Rooms. I feel I've been here before.

Friday, 5th October 2018, 2:30 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th October 2018, 10:09 am
Scott Matthews pulled out all the stops at the Wedgewood Rooms.

That's because I have.

In about 2006, when Scott was touring his debut album Passing Stranger, he played at the Wedge and I was here to witness the event. Memories are of an easy-going stage presence, brilliantly crafted songs, and '“ sadly '“ me telling a few other punters to stop talking during said brilliantly crafted songs.

Fast forward 12 years and six albums, the set list has evolved to contain a veritable lifetime of song writing and a far more respectful crowd listens intently as Scott bares his soul through his gentle, yet often haunting music and lyrics.

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A nod also to Ady Johnson '“ the great and bluesy support '“ and to the backing vocalist, revealed as Scott held his phone up to the mic to share his seven-month-old son Elliot's chatter. From here, Scott dives into the title track from his new album The Great Untold, written about the last 18 months, and Elliot's arrival and impact on his life.

It strikes me how big Scott's sound is, given it's just him, a guitar and a stomp box for the beat. To be fair the instruments have to compete with a powerful vocal that's as unique as it is engaging.

The TV trivia of the evening comes from the revelation that a Scott Matthews song is in season 2, episode 10 of Ugly Betty, so over the weekend I'll scour the internet for the end credits to the tune of Eyes Wider Than Before.

Scott Matthews is an Ivor Novello award winner, and the evidence is here in spades tonight. A brilliant and utterly memorable show.

Oh and it turns out Scott's biggest single, Elusive was influenced by The Strokes' first album. Who knew?

Sam Cutbush