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Boutique nomad print dress �75, M&Co.
Boutique nomad print dress �75, M&Co.
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SHORT STORY FOR THE WEEKEND: Let’s Do It by David Dunford

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With summer weather comes the question of shorts. In order to choose the most flattering pair, consider your body type.

As ever, the secret to looking your best is highlighting your assets and downplaying areas you wish to hide.

If your shape is more of an apple than a pear, focus on showing off your legs rather than your mid-section.

Choose shorts that feature no more than a five-inch inseam and pair them with attention-grabbing footwear. Avoid the dreaded ‘muffin top’ by trying highwaisted shorts.

Low rise shorts will leave your tummy trying to escape and create this unflattering look. A high waist will control and nip in your waistline, making it appear instantly slimmer and more defined.

Add volume to a flat bottom with back pockets and cargo-style shorts which will balance out your mid-section. Break up a long, thin line with shorts that have cuffs or roll ups to make you look curvier. But avoid belts as they will draw attention to the wrong part.

On the other hand, if you are pear-shaped the widest part of your body sits below your waist.

Your goal when dressing is to elongate your legs by balancing your hips and shoulders. Shorts that are the wrong length will bring too much attention to your bottom half.

Shorts that land just above your knee are more forgiving and will help elongate your thighs – they should always cross a slimmer rather than wider part of your leg.

Super short or super tight are a definite no-no for you, as are cargo styles with side pockets which will add width to your legs. Choose slim cut and steer clear of turn-ups or details around the hem which will shorten and widen.

Choose shorts in a colour darker than your top which will minimise your lower body and draw attention to your face.

Avoid patterns such as checks and keep it plain.

However, everyone should consider the following points. With footwear, avoid leg -shortening ankle boots or ankle straps and choose low-cut pumps, sandals or flip-flops. Wedges will add length whilst remaining comfortable.

If you are going skimpy on the bottom, choose a modest top that doesn’t show as much skin.

Finally, no matter how many trips you make to the gym, having your ‘cheeks’ visibly on show is not a sophisticated look. Less is more.

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