Soap opera storylines this week

Here's our guide to the latest twists and turns you can expect in the soaps this week

Sunday, 27th November 2016, 5:37 am
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:29 am

EastEnders (BBC1)

Ronnie is shocked when an estate agent arrives to value the house, and tells Jack they can’t move without her sister’s blessing. He offers Roxy some kind words - and half the cash from the sale - in an attempt to get her on side, but it may take more than that to win her over after she spots him looking very cosy with Honey... Jane confides in Stacey about her fears that Ian no longer finds her attractive, only to be left annoyed when her friend then shares her concerns with Mick. Luckily, Linda has a plan to give Jane a confidence boost. Shakil tells Louise he’s happy to wait until she’s ready to have sex, but then undermines his claims by makijng an alternative suggestion. Environmental health officers pay a surprise visit to the cafe, the tensions are still simmering between Whitney and Lee, and Kathy appoints a new scriptwriter for the Christmas play - Denise.

Coronation Street (ITV)

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Aidan threatens his business and relationship in a desperate bid to get Maria out of jail by hiring a hotshot lawyer. However, he also runs into Caz, although it’s Kate who comes up with a seemingly foolproof plan to catch her and hand her over to the police. Rana’s parents arrive for a celebratory meal, but their talk of her past only puts Zeedan off marrying her. Leanne persuades him that he should go through with the ceremony, but will his constant indecision have put Rana off once and for all?

Aadi and Asha win £300 on a stolen scratchcard and attempt to claim the money without Erica realising what has happened. Sally arranges an allotment for Tim, who uses it to launch a money-making plan. Ken and Daniel continue to bond, while Mary visits the doctor after finding a lump in her breast.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Lachlan’s day in court is looming, and it’s clear that Chrissie and Lawrence both blame Rebecca for the situation. So, to get back in her family’s good books, Rebecca tells Robert that unless he wants Aaron to find out about their kiss, he’s going to have to help her break the teen out of custody. Will her ex go along with the plan? Bernice decides that an exhausted Jimmy needs a good night’s sleep and gives him the paperwork for her spa break, before posing as his wife so he can check in. Sadly, that could make things very awkward when Nicola spots an email from the hotel concerning her husband’s stay... Emma continues to meddle in Moira and Cain’s relationship, while Finn is pleased to learn Kasim is being brought out of his coma, but his happiness proved short-lived. Frank lies to the police about the charity money, Lawrence finally tells Ronnie how he feels about him, and Belle faces a big decision about her future as Jermaine announces he’s got a job in America - and he won’t go without her.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Joe’s mum Sandy decides Lexi and JJ should live with her in South Africa, but it seems Mercedes isn’t ready to lose the kids as well as her fiance. Ellie threatens to call the police if the children aren’t handed over, but when Goldie later catches Mercedes with JJ and Lexi’s passports, she realises her cousin is planning to run away with them... Elsewhere, Joanne is determined to get Louis all to herself, even if she has to trap him in James’s flat and smash his phone to do it. Leah throws a tantrum when she sees her Banana Bongos advert, while Warren sets a trap for Ryan after spotting him with a prostitute - and he plans to use Goldie as bait. Celine decides to take a job on a cruise ship, but not before informing Cameron that she can no longer cover for him, while Leela thinks postponing her big day might be preferable to wearing a maternity wedding dress. Sienna works on a revenge plan, and John Paul gets the wrong idea when James offers him a temporary escape from the chaos at the McQueens’.

Home and Away (C5)

At long last, the truth about Raffy is discovered thanks to a DNA test - she is indeed a Morgan. After hearing the news from Brody, Hope speeds off in Mason’s car with Raffy, who is still unaware of her parentage, and the vehicle is later found at the bottom of a slope. Olivia’s friend Rebekah offers to sell Hunter a copy of the English exam, but he’s caught cheating. Zac berates him, but Hunter turns the tables by claiming he was pushed into it because Zac was never around to help him with his studies. Zac also has to do some fast-talking when Leah bumps into him when he’s with Sam; later, he apologises for his recent sudden absences and promises to be more of a support in future. VJ and Billie’s engagement proves to be short-lived when he finds a suspicious note, and Nate is gutted when Tori and Duncan get back together.

Neighbours (C5)

The day of Brad and Lauren’s wedding dawns, and the happy couple provide Lou, Kathy, Piper and Tyler with food for thought concerning their own relationships. The marriage gets off to a tumultuous start thanks to Maxine’s arrival at the reception, while two young lovers finally get it together at the event. Brooke comes face-to-face with her ex and, in an attempt to save her relationship with Xanthe, pays him off before sitting her daughter down for a heart-to-heart. Xanthe, as well as Sheila and Gary, are horrified by Brooke’s deception, but band together to make her an offer. However, the part they played in the faux-jewellery scam only causes further tension between them and the Kennedys. Susan’s job is on the line after Angus and Elly are found together, and following a talk with Mark, Elly and Ned discuss their feelings before deciding to run away after the wedding.