Southsea to host first beach tennis tournament - here's how you can sign up

IT'S time to grab your racquet and head to the beach.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th June 2017, 4:35 pm
Updated Monday, 19th June 2017, 12:41 pm
Beach football is coming to Southsea Picture: BTUK
Beach football is coming to Southsea Picture: BTUK

Next month Southsea will host its first beach tennis tournament as part of the Beach Tennis UK tour.

Organisers are inviting beginners and experienced players to take part in the one-day event.

Tournament director Kasia Chmielewska said: ‘The tournament is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to take part in this fun and exciting sport.

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Picture: BTUK

‘We knew that Portsmouth has really great facilities and it’s an area that’s easy to get to.’

Beach tennis has been played for more than four decades, starting out in Italy and Brazil.

Similar to volleyball and tennis, it is played on levelled sand with a similar sized net and court to volleyball.

Players compete with carbon, or a mix of carbon and fibreglass, racquets and a low compression orange ball.

Picture: BTUK

Usually doubles is played although singles can be played on a slightly smaller court.

Scoring is similar to tennis although the server has only one underarm or over arm serve, and either player on the opposing side may return the ball.

The tour, which is accredited with the International Tennis Federation (ITF), also include events in Brighton, St Albans and London.

The Southsea tournament, on July 9, will take place at the beach volleyball courts on Southsea Common.

Picture: BTUK

As well as experienced players looking to claim vital rankng points, newcomers are also invited to come along and have a go.

Kasia said: ‘The event is open to anyone who has played a racquet sport before.

‘There are competitive players but it’s also about enjoying the day and having some fun.

‘It’s a cross between volleyball, badminton and tennis, easy to play and has great health benefits.’

Picture: BTUK

The tournament includes men’s, women’s and mixed events, and players can enter more than one category.

Entry deadline is Monday June 19, and entry fee is £27 per pair.

Players can enter by going to and searching for BTUK Beach Tennis.

Picture: BTUK
Picture: BTUK