Start the new year with a new look

Make-up will  be cool and earthy for spring and summer.
Make-up will be cool and earthy for spring and summer.
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Whether you choose to admit it or not, how we look does impact the way we feel.

It may be that we pull on something that incites a certain confidence within us, or that we – for no definable reason at all – simply fall in love with a particular piece of clothing or accessory.

The amount of times I have heard a woman say ‘I had this dress and it just worked for me, but it eventually fell to bits’. But for me the saddest comments are about the favourite pieces of clothing that came to a sudden and unexpected death in the washing machine, or a friend spilt red wine over a gorgeous skirt.

The reality is that a large part of how our style evolves each year has to do with the clothing, hair, beauty and accessory trends sweeping fashion. Not because we have to follow them, but because they inspire us.

For me, the greatest liberation for a woman is the freedom to express yourself and feel confident about your own individual style.

It does not matter what age or body shape you are, what does matter is that you wear clothes that you want to wear regardless of what you think others may say. So do not feel downhearted because you enjoyed yourself over Christmas and new year. There is no point in feeling guilty. Just start your year by planning your new look.

It is great to stay on-trend and adapt a look to suit your style, and the most effective ways of achieving this is by your choice of hairstyle.

I love hairdressers and beauticians because they always look just right and they have access to the latest colours and looks. There is a lot of training and research that goes on in a good salon to help keep us up to the minute.

Blunt fringes were all the rage in 2012 and it is still a staple favourite this year.  A short sharp bob hairstyle with strong fringe is making a comeback.  Pastel hair colours are also going to be one of the most popular 2013 hair trends. Make-up will be cool and earthy, so think pale greens, rustic browns, sky blues.

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