Stunning Gosport art exhibition champions the town's '˜unsung heroes'

THROUGHOUT Gosport, there are people doing incredible things to support charities, friends and even family '“ sometimes going almost unnoticed.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 12th November 2018, 3:24 pm
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 4:26 pm
Daniel Williams, 40 from Gosport, has created an exhibition of the town's 'unsung heroes'. Picture: David George
Daniel Williams, 40 from Gosport, has created an exhibition of the town's 'unsung heroes'. Picture: David George

Now, the hard work of these incredible people has been recognised at an art exhibition in the town centre.

Artist Dan Williams, 40, has created portraits of some of Gosport's '˜unsung heroes', displaying them at The Gallery in Walpole Road.

He says that he wanted to bring attention to people who give their all to make Gosport a better place.

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Fundraising champion Les Heyhoe BCAv, who has raised millions of pounds for charity during his lifetime. Picture: Dan Williams

Dan explained: '˜In each of these pictures I have tried to get the person's story into the painting.

'˜For example, Reverend Brian Williams works with veterans who have PTSD, so I wanted to make it look like there were separate pieces '“ much like the way he puts the pieces of people back together.'

Dan says he has been overwhelmed by the response to the exhibition, which features recognisable faces such as bartender Tammy Kent, Gosportarian Malcolm Dent and fundraising champion Les Heyhoe.

He said: '˜I am simply amazed with how it has turned out.

Bartender Tammy Kent, who helped raise money for the funeral of a Royal Navy veteran, Raymond Daniels, who had no known family. Picture: Dan Williams

'˜The response has been brilliant '“ I keep getting really nice messages from people on social media and I'm incredibly thankful.

'˜We often tend to focus on the negative things that are going on in the town

'˜To bring the community together and put the spotlight on people like this from our area is exactly what I had hoped to do.'

People are able to either purchase copies or the original of the portraits '“ with the money being donated to local charities.

Malcolm Dent from the Gosportarians has donated his time to countless community projects, from helping build the new Y Services centre in Forton Road to holding the Music Madness festival in support of the mayor's charities. Picture: Dan Williams

Dan said: '˜I wanted this exhibition '“ much like the people pictured '“ to do something positive for the community.

'˜There will be some money going to Harbour Cancer Support, as well as a few other charities from the area.

'˜Hopefully this whole exhibition encourages other people to do something, however small it might be, to help others around them.'

Gosportarian Malcolm Dent, who features in the exhibition, organises charity events and helps out wherever needed in the community.

He said: '˜I got a call from Dan to say he'd been following what I have been doing and wanted me to be part of the exhibition.

'˜You do things because you want to do them for others, not because you seek something in return '“ but it's always lovely to be recognised for it.

'˜The people in this exhibition have all done things to make Gosport a better place, and the pictures all look absolutely fantastic.'

The exhibition will be on display at The Gallery until January 15, 2019.