Sue hopes saucy postcards will pay for New Zealand trip

Sue Simmonds' brother Andrew Kimber pictured in 2005
Sue Simmonds' brother Andrew Kimber pictured in 2005
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IT HAS taken Sue Simmonds 25 years to collect nearly 2,000 saucy postcards.

But now the 59-year-old has decided to sell her 1,904 Donald McGill cards so she can watch her brother Andrew tie the knot in New Zealand this summer.

Sue Simmonds of North End who is a Donald McGill postcard collector

Sue Simmonds of North End who is a Donald McGill postcard collector

At auction this week she managed to sell 711 of them, raising £390 towards the £3,000 she needs.

Sue, of Stubbington Avenue, North End, said: ‘It started off with me collecting the odd few, but then it became a massive hobby.

‘They struck me as being incredibly interesting.

‘Plus I saw them as an investment for the future.’

Sue first fell in love with the comic designs when she spotted them inside Portsmouth Stamp Shop, in Chichester Road, North End in 1987.

Over the years she has steadily added to her collection at local postcard fayres.

She said: ‘I used to be able to pick up a single postcard for 30p, now they’re worth five or six pounds each.

‘Some of them date all the way back to 1905. I’ve kept them safe in a suitcase.’

Sue added: ‘Now I want to give them all a new home so I can pay for my flight to New Zealand. I’m sure whoever buys them will take good care of them. They’re real collectors’ items.’

Sue put the cards for auction at Nesbits showroom, in Clarendon Road, Southsea, and hundreds of them were snapped up but there are still more up for grabs.

Martin Marks, 67, of Lee-on-the-Solent, bought 140 of the comic designs for £75. He said: ‘I’ve already got 2,000 postcards so I’m just adding to my collection. McGill’s designs are fascinating, and extremely hilarious.’

McGill’s cheeky designs first emerged in seaside resorts across Britain in 1905.

He made 12,000 postcards during his lifetime.