From swearing to thumb sucking - Britain's 50 worst bad habits

They're the bad habits that infuriate you in other people - but how many are YOU guilty of?

Monday, 30th January 2017, 4:33 pm
Updated Monday, 30th January 2017, 4:38 pm

A study of 2,000 UK adults by ColdZyme Mouth Spray has shown the worst 50.

Researchers said one in 10 respondents had suffered a cold or stomach bug as a result of a bad habit, and 21 per cent had fallen out with someone over a vice.

A spokesman for ColdZyme Mouth Spray said: ‘Almost everyone will have at least one bad habit at some point whether it’s checking in on social media a little too often or indulging in a type of food you shouldn’t.

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‘But while many bad habits will be virtually harmless, some can be pretty annoying to other people, while others can have a serious effect on your health.

‘A love of chocolate or junk food, smoking and drinking alcohol can leave you with a health complaint later in life.’

The top 50 bad habits

1. Swearing

2. Picking your nose

3. Not listening

4. Biting your nails

5. Eating chocolate

6. Snoring

7. Procrastinating

8. Not brushing your teeth twice a day

9. Drinking alcohol

10. Burping

11. Smoking

12. Picking scabs

13. Losing your temper

14. Breaking wind in front of others

15. Using social media

16. Eating fast food

17. Complaining

18. Checking your phone while other people are talking to you

19. Hoarding

20. Day-dreaming

21. Picking spots

22. Drinking too much caffeine

23. Interrupting others

24. Eating junk food

25. Skipping meals

26. Not washing your hands after going to the toilet

27. Drinking fizzy drinks

28. Having sugar in your tea or coffee

29. Finishing other people’s sentences

30. Cracking your knuckles

31. Watching reality TV

32. Chewing your lips/inside of your cheeks

33. Gossiping

34. Using slang

35. Playing Candy Crush

36. Eavesdropping

37. Grinding your teeth

38. Lying

39. Playing video games

40. Not covering your mouth/nose when you cough or sneeze

41. Chewing gum

42. Gambling

43. Speaking with your mouth full

44. Biting your pen/pencil

45. Tapping your fingers/pen on the table

46. Excessively or loudly clearing your throat

47. Smoking e-cigarettes/vaping

48. Spitting

49. Biting your toe nails

50. Sucking your thumb