Take a Stand Open-Mic Comedy at The Cellars, Eastney

Pete Walsh
Pete Walsh
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IT WAS to be a night of laughter at Take a Stand when Johnny N’ Eric came to The Cellars.

It was Lee ’Johnny’ Taylor up first with a great performance, in which he spoke of the modern man, a woman’s GPS-like ability to shop, and the wondrous world of parenthood. The crowd loved it and joined in with a bit of traditional heckling.

Pete Walsh was next up, and put on a cracking show, even without his mummy there to hold his hand. Walsh went on to wow the crowd with some brilliant impressions that included Michael Caine and Terry Wogan as well as Tom Cruise going head-to-head with Stephen Hawking.

Walsh ended with a karaoke medley done in the vocal style of Stephen Hawking.

It fell to Dave ‘Eric’ Murphy to bring an end to proceedings. After a few digs at our beloved Portsmouth FC, the self-confessed Manchester United fan went on a superb comedy rant about Facebook, text talk, Jeremy Kyle and the struggles of handing out flyers. Murphy left the stage to the theme tune from The Littlest Hobo, as the crowd showed their appreciation.