TAMARA SIDDIQUI: Friends' actress is inspiration for young women

When it comes to taking inspiration from or being influenced by others, it's safe to say Instagram is now a huge, huge part of that.

Monday, 26th June 2017, 8:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:27 am
Courteney Cox

And if you don’t use the social media app yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll have children or grandchildren who do.

For those who don’t know, Instagram is all about pictures and videos. You can share snaps with your friends and, if you wish, everyone using the platform, by having a public profile.

There’s also an ‘explore’ tab which shows you content that’s similar to accounts you already interact with but don’t follow, plus more, meaning you quite literally have the world in pictures at your fingertips.

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What that ultimately means is you’re subjected to viewing carefully selected, edited photos of people, which have been primped and preened to perfection.

Because of that, many of us, and I’m speaking for women here, have ideas and expectations about what beauty is considered to be.

We want to look in real life how others do in pictures – even though we know they’re not ‘real’, which is why cosmetic procedures are more popular now than they’ve ever been – botox, lip fillers, breast enlargements, the list goes on...

So what’s refreshing and useful to hear is that Courtney Cox (Monica from Friends) has had her facial fillers dissolved.

The actress has never tried to conceal having certain procedures done, and speaking recently to New Beauty, she said: ‘I’m as natural as I can be. I feel better because I look like myself.’

She said her experience with fillers formed over time, getting small procedures done here and there, until she realised she couldn’t recognise herself in photos.

I think it’s great to give women the chance to learn about other people’s experiences with cosmetic procedures, considering the pressures on social media to look a certain way which are virtually unavoidable.