Al Murray: One Man, One Guv’nor at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

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The Pub Landlord has been in business for 20 years but he’s still one funny geezer.

Without a doubt, the first half of the show was the highlight. Al Murray’s repartee is the best in the business.

From asking about their professions; ‘a tow bar fitter? You’re living the dream mate’ to slating their clothing – ‘that’s not a shirt, that’s a cry for help’ – Al Murray is at his best when interacting with his audience.

The second half primarily concentrated on political satire. His blokey summary of the global economic system, while displaying impressive accents, went on for far too long. This was true of a few jokes in the latter part of the act, a shame given the strong start.

However with ‘Guv’nor’s Question Time’, Murray ended on a high proving once again that this is where his strength lies. He had a quick-witted response to all questions, such as ‘When are nurses going to get a pay rise? When you learn to wash your hands.’

Al Murray’s worth a watch and after suggesting 1p pints, he’s worth a vote too.