Alan Davies delivers quite an entertaining night

Alan Davies. Picture: Tony Briggs
Alan Davies. Picture: Tony Briggs
David Calder as Julius Caesar in the play of the same name at The Bridge Theatre. Picture by Manuel Harlan

Beware the Ides of March, but enjoy this screening

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Alan Davies

Portsmouth Guildhall

Here’s a quite interesting fact: Alan Davies is an apologetic tweeter but an excellent stand-up comic.

The star of Jonathan Creek and sadly short-lived sitcom Whites, and Stephen Fry’s foil on panel show QI has returned to the stage spotlight with a national tour, oddly titled Life is Pain.

He was quick to spike the guns of potential hecklers by getting that whole Lord McAlpine business out in the open – the tweet was a mistake and should never have been sent, he told us.

Before long, he was teaching us to speak Australian, had us whistling the Pompey Chimes, and listening for the Guildhall bells striking 9pm.

He seemed a tad nervous and hesitant in the first half, but came back more confident in the second, building to a hilarious finale, complete with “a bit of filth”.

His material is gentle, not angry, focusing on life’s annoyances and joys, including some gems on childhood holidays and some wise words on parenthood,

For once, unlike on QI, there was no minus score from this audience.