Behind the scenes of Titanic tragedy

The Titanic
The Titanic
David Calder as Julius Caesar in the play of the same name at The Bridge Theatre. Picture by Manuel Harlan

Beware the Ides of March, but enjoy this screening

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The Titanic comes home in dramatic style with a new play presented by American-based theatre group, Baltimore Theatreworks.

41N 50w explores the 1912 Titanic US Senate hearings focusing on the days straight after Titanic foundered near her last reported position of 41 North 50 West, when a US Senate Inquiry was held in New York to determine the causes of the disaster.

Audiences can experience the rare words and stories as spoken on the stand by stunned Titanic survivors, witnesses and closely connected individuals.

The authentic testimonies in 41N 50W paint a chilling image of unfolding events surrounding the disaster. Audiences will see the pieces of a puzzle come together as those involved desperately try to find out the truth and struggle to take action.

The play will be performed in the SeaCity Museum, Southampton, just blocks from where Titanic sailed – a fitting location to honour the 102nd anniversary of the ship’s maiden voyage.

The museum is home to a permanent Titanic exhibit built inside the old Southampton City Hall and 41N 50W will be presented within one of the building’s old courtrooms, adding a special ambiance to the play.

41N 50W makes its UK premiere on April 10 and will celebrate the SeaCity museum’s second birthday with a portion of the evening’s proceeds going to the Millvina Dean Lifeboat Appeal and Titanic Heritage Trust in support of the RNLI.

The April 14 performance will also be followed by a memorial service in remembrance of those who died on the Titanic.

The play is adapted and written by Robert Neal Marshall, directed by Norma Atallah and features West End and nationally acclaimed actors Michael Vivian (as Senator William Alden Smith), Neil Stewart, Lee William Davis and Evie Edgell.

41N 50W will be showing at the SeaCity Museum, Southampton From April 10–19 at 7.30pm. Tickets: £25, First Class £30. Opening Night Charity Event April 10, General Admission £40, First Class White Star £45.

Call (023) 8067 1771 or visit for more details.

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