Breaking The Code at The Spring, Havant

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The Bench’s topical choice for its latest stint at The Spring is Hugh Whitemore’s Breaking The Code – the story of Alan Turing, his homosexuality and his contribution to Bletchley Park and artificial intelligence.

Playing on a pared-down set – three tables set on three levels – the play looks a treat.

Much good work comes from the supporting players, here, with Chris Vanstone and Alan Welton giving the most realistic performances among the men and Sally Hartley as Turing’s mother striking a lovely balance between mayhem and misery.

The central performance from Bench newcomer – and relative newcomer to acting – Jonathan Abbott is clearly worth admiration.

Turing is rarely off the stage and Abbott is confident with the dialogue and does a very convincing stammer, but this Turing is a humourless creation that would benefit from a more creative approach to the man’s thought processes.

Until September 26.