Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay at Titchfield Festival Theatre

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With the cost of living soaring and the price of groceries increasing it seems there has never been a better time to show Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay.

Written by Dario Fo in 1974 about the economic crisis in Italy, the play can easily apply to modern day Britain.

Centred around Anthonia (Amanda Jacobs), a working-class housewife who returns from the supermarket with a few bags of ‘half-paid-for and half-stolen’ groceries, it follows her sometimes slapstick comedic attempts to cover up the crime and evade the police.

Using coats to conceal the groceries Anthonia and her friend Margarita (Clare Blackburn) try to convince their husbands and the police of their pregnancy. This results in a hilarious scene involving brine and olives.

The small cast of five made the play entertaining - each one bringing character and fun to the night.

Andrew Bumfrey’s quick costume changes raised laughter as he switched between playing at least four characters.

The turn out was low but everyone enjoyed the night. A good play with some laugh-out-loud moments.

A recommended watch.

Until April 21.