Cancer charity put on musical celebration

Bewitched, Bothered and Broadway at the Kings Theatre
Bewitched, Bothered and Broadway at the Kings Theatre
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Whether its the story of Oliver that tugs at your heart strings, Wicked makes you smile or you’re a fan of the big Queen-style rock ballads, the Kings theatre is showing a musical that covers everyones favourite.

Bewitched, Bothered and Broadway is the story of a housewife trying to make it big on Broadway, and the various shows she ends up in as a result.

Written by the manager of FORT Cancer, the charity running the production, and previous Lord Mayor of Portsmouth Malcolm Chewter, the musical has an abundance of talent from across the city, including individuals from Portsmouth Players, Fareham Musical Society and Classique who are based in Chichester.

Malcolm says: ‘Effectively it is a musical collaboration taking lots of different musicals. It has a loose story tying all the musicals together and starts off with a bored housewife who has dreams to appear on Broadway.

‘We have lots of local people some of them amateurs, some are semi professional and some have done quite a lot of professional work. They are all very talented.’

After booking the slot at the Kings Theatre in February, Malcolm didn’t even had a plot let alone a script until he saw the poster designs.

He adds: ‘We literally came up with a name from the poster. I regularly book the theatre and I knew it was going to be a basic compilation show and tried not to return to anything I’ve done before.

‘We held auditions in May and have been rehearsing now for about eight weeks. Everyone is excited about the show and we haven’t even managed to get the whole cast together yet. The first time we rehearse all together is Sunday afternoon, and the show is Sunday evening!’

The show will also include Bella Nicholas, winner of the charity’s The Why Factor 2011, a competition to find the best singer in the area.

All proceeds go to the FORT Cancer Charity.

Tickets: £5 Kings Theatre, Southsea, (023) 9282 8282 or