Celebrating 10th anniversary with re-vival tour

At Swim, Two Boys will be at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton on April 17-18.
At Swim, Two Boys will be at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton on April 17-18.
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Staged entirely in water, Welsh dance company Earthfall’s production of At Swim, Two Boys has a unique angle compared to many other plays – the production is performed in a slowly-filling lake in front of a waterfall.

To co-incide with the 10th anniversary of the novels release by Jamie O’Neil, Earthfall is reviving its award-winning production.

Set in Dublin before and during the Easter Rising of 1916, At Swim, Two Boys tells the love story of two young Irish men: Jim Mack and Doyler Doyle. Jim goes to school on a scholarship, and is quiet, studious, thoughtful, and naïve, but Doyler is outspoken, rebellious, brave, and affectionate. They have an additional connection through their fathers, who served in the army together during the Boer War, and were once best friends.

The Easter Rising was a movement mounted by Irish republicans with the aim of ending British rule in Ireland and establishing the Irish Republic when Britain was heavily engaged with the First World War.

Played out against the backdrop of political turmoil at home and the slaughter on the Western Front of the First World War, the boys story is a contrasting dream of national liberation and their search for their own freedom.

Having previously toured for three years over five seasons, and across Britain and Europe, Earthfall specialise in physical theatre, live music and film.

At Swim, Two Boys is at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton from April 17-18.

Tickets cost £10 to £16 from the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton on (023) 8067 1771 or go to nuffieldtheatre.co.uk.