Dancers set to impress

Teenagers and youngsters enjoy a street dance class at the Portsmouth Dance Academy held at St Peters Church in Somerstown.
Teenagers and youngsters enjoy a street dance class at the Portsmouth Dance Academy held at St Peters Church in Somerstown.
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Dozens of children and teenagers will be dancing through the decades at the Most Wanted Dance Off at the Kings Theatre at 6.30pm tonight.

The 10th annual street dance event will involve dancers from 13 schools showing off their best moves.

Most Wanted street dance group organiser Carly-Ann Purcell says a London dance crew will also visit the theatre to take the stage as part of the anniversary event.

Carly says: ‘We have given the schools a theme this year, Dance Through The Decades, so it will be interesting to see what comes out of that.

‘There is always a lot of energy at the shows, the kids get very excited.

‘We teach them to use that adrenaline and turn it into energy.’

The dancers involved have been receiving after-school street dance classes from Most Wanted street dance teachers and University of Portsmouth student volunteers.

Experienced dancers from London have also been tutoring the youngsters in specific styles such as Waacking the Krump.

The Most Wanted group was formed in 2007 and has about 60 dancers and have different groups, from the juniors with team members as young as four-years old all the way up to an adult group.

‘I would like all Most Wanted dancers to have as many opportunities as possible to dance with inspirational dancers,’ Carly says.

‘I just hope that they go on to achieve everything they want to in dance.’

One member of the group, Daniel, nine, from Portsmouth, says: ‘Street dancing is fun.

‘My mum got me started.

‘I was always dancing in my bedroom and my mum said I should go to classes.’

Another dancer, Tina, 12, from Fratton, says: ‘I’ve been dancing for nearly two years now.

‘i like everything about dance. Out of 10 I would give it 100!’

Classes take place at St Peter’s Church in Southsea on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Carly says the the Dance Off is one of two big shows hosted by Most Wanted each year.

‘It’s about giving everybody the chance to perform in front of a big audience,’ Carly says.

Tickets: £3.75 to £5 from (023) 9282 8282.

For more information on joining the dance group itself, call 07738 588 581.