Dillie is loving her touring lifestyle

Fascinating Aida
Fascinating Aida
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Dillie Keane loves her life, as she sits patiently in a hotel room getting ready for her next performance.

‘People always say to me “Oh it must be hard working all the time and at weekends”, but it never is.

‘I get to the venues and there’s a crowd of people all looking forward to my show. They even went out to buy tickets. I work really hard but it’s always great fun, especially when people cheer at the end.’

The actress is back on tour with Fascinating Aida, and this time they’re heading to the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, on Sunday.

Dillie loves being on the road, and she’s going to be just a couple of miles away from her home town of Portsmouth this time round.

She explains: ‘It’s nearly my home territory in Southampton, although sadly I won’t have time to visit Portsmouth. I go to bed, get up and move on to the next place.

‘We’ve never played the Mayflower Theatre before – I think our tour manager had a rush of blood to the head booking that one.’

Fascinating Aida, also starring Adele Anderson and Liza Pullman, will perform their new show Charm Offensive.

Tickets: £20 on (023) 8071 1811 or go to mayflower.org.uk.