Dinner for one won’t be a lonely evening

One for Dinner
One for Dinner
Poet and author Benjamin Zephaniah

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Miss Sophie is looking forward to her 90th birthday so much she’s invited her best friends round for dinner – the only problem is they have all passed away.

It falls to her faithful servant James, in New Apollo Theatre’s Dinner For One, to ensure she has a happy day.

At The Cellars at Eastney tomorrow at 1pm, the production is being performed as part of the Making Waves Film Festival, which runs until Sunday.

Starring Christopher Marlowe as James and Suzanne Bowen as Miss Sophie, there’s sherry, wine and champagne, and she wants to be toasted at every course of the meal. But James has to drink for all the guests.

After the performance, the film starring Freddie Frinton and May Warden will be shown. Afternoon tea will also be available.

Tickets: £10 from The Cellars at Eastney on (023) 9282 6249 or go to thecellars.co.uk.