Frost/Nixon at the Action Stations Auditorium

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A two-hour play about a disgraced American president and a British chat show host may not instantly grab the attention but Frost/Nixon held the audience throughout.

It played in the auditorium at Action Stations in the Historic Dockyard, otherwise known as No.6 Cinema. The venue is not traditionally set up as a stage but despite this, the combination of action on stage and the use of the cinema screen worked for this particular adaptation.

The play was performed by long-running Portsmouth amateur dramatic group CCADS, who did it justice.

Narrated by anti-Nixon character Jim Reston, played by Pete Westmorland, Frost/Nixon portrayed the televised interviews of Richard Nixon following his resignation over the Watergate scandal.

Nixon is powerful and Kevin Redfern portrayed the more human side to the president, as well as his tyranny.

John-Paul McCrohon played David Frost, and was also the director.

The play provoked some interesting thoughts about how television has changed the role of the politician, and about the limits of presidential power.

Although it deviates from the historic facts, the play flows and kept everybody interested.

A good performance and a good adaption, definitely one to watch for anybody with a remote interest in American politics.

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