Grisly killings are relived

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Jan Ravens

BIG INTERVIEW Jan Ravens: 'If you become part of the establishment then you lose your edge'

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In 1949 John George Haigh was hanged for the murder of at least six people, whose blood he claimed to have drunk before disposing of their bodies in acid. His story, serialised in the News of the World, caused a national sensation.

For writer and actor Nigel Fairs, his play In Conversation With An Acid Bath Murderer, which is being performed at The Spring, Havant on May 11, began as a descriptive passage.

He wrote it for a youth drama course, but he became intrigued by the man.

Ten years later he discovered that his grandfather had hired him a car, an aunt of a friend had been lined up as his next victim, and his great-grandfather put the shackles on Haigh in Lewes Prison.

Nigel plays The Vampire of Kensington, while Suzanne Proctor portrays three different female victims, only one of whom survives coming into contact with Haigh.

n Tickets cost £10.80 to £12 from The Spring, Havant on (023) 9247 2700 or go to