Hamlet at the Groundlings Theatre, Portsea

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The Groundlings Theatre have produced what artistic director Richard Stride describes as a version of Hamlet ‘that has never been seen before’.

The play, which is running at the Portsea venue until November 20, uses ambitious staging to convey the psychology of the titular tragic hero.

Richard, who plays Hamlet, performs alone inside a large box situated in the auditorium which audience members can sit inside.

Action also takes place outside the cube. With two performances each night the audience can watch the show again from the outside, and see how the special effects are done.

Richard says: ‘We wanted to explore the theme of madness and being inside someone’s mind that is in the play, so we came up with the idea of the box.

‘It is made of gauze, so with lighting we can make the walls suddenly switch from being ‘solid’ to not being there, which has been really effective.’

Hamlet is at The Groundlings Theatre in Portsea until November 20. Tickets: £12-£14, visit groundlings.co.uk or call (023) 9273 7370 to book.