Hayling Musical Society presents Andy Capp The Musical

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Director Tony Dart is taking Hayling Musical Society’s production of Andy Capp The Musical that one step further.

The play involves a wedding, and in preparation the cast is holding the engagement party at The Lifeboat on Hayling Island.

David Heath as Andy Capp and Liz Cornelius as Flo Capp in Hayling Musical Society's Andy Capp The Musical.

David Heath as Andy Capp and Liz Cornelius as Flo Capp in Hayling Musical Society's Andy Capp The Musical.

The production itself will be at the Hayling Island Station Theatre from Wednesday until Saturday.

Tony, who previously won The News Guide Award for Best Actor in 2007, says: ‘It’s an event outside the play where the characters have the chance to get into their roles. It’s also a way of promoting Andy Capp, and the whole point is that it’s a big party for the two people who will be married.’

Andy Capp The Musical is based on the Daily Mirror comic strip that has been going since 1957, as Tony says: ‘The musical was first shown in 1981, and was written by Alan Price, who is the keyboardist from The Animals, and Trevor Peacock, who starred in The Vicar of Dibley.

‘It’s a comedy musical play and it’s basically about a working class man and his wife, Andy and Flo, and the different points of views they have between the sexes.’

He adds: ‘I’ve always been a fan of Alan Price, and I looked into the play and really loved it. I searched it down and we thought it was a lot of fun.’

For Tony, it’s a different direction for Hayling Musical Society to take.

He explains: ‘They are used to doing big musicals, but ever since I’ve become involved I have tried to take the group in a different direction. It’s more off the wall musicals now like Jack The Ripper and Andy Capp.

‘It just offers something that little bit different to the audience, other than typical musicals that are shown a lot. We have a cast of 22, which is quite big, but there’s a lot of comedy in it and I’m trying to make it about the community.’

Tickets cost £8 to £10 from the Hayling Island Station Theatre on (023) 9246 6363 or go to haylingmusical.com.